Just A’MAZE’N – Columbiana Maze Craze

The Corn Maze, Columbiana, Ohio is unlike anything you’ve seen or done in the Mahoning Valley. At the Maze Craze, the exit is the destination – but the real fun is the journey.

Safari at Columbiana Maze Craze

Picture courtesy www.ColumbianaMazeCraze.com.

The good folks at Columbiana Maze Craze have transformed nearly 12 acres of corn stalks into a life-size seven foot tall maze. Over five miles of professionally designed twists, turns, and dead ends will frustrate and invigorate all at the same time.

Each year the there is a new maze design. The “Safari” design for 2010 has three mazes that will fascinate and entertain both young and old for hours, each with an advancing degree of difficulty to test your skill, sense of direction, and patience. The first is for the kiddos, but each of other two mazes has a total of 12 checkpoints to locate. At each check point you’ll punch your ticket with a unique shaped punch to prove you were there:

  • Code GREEN MAZE – has just 0.5 miles of trails and is meant for young children. It may be very easy to finish but the toddlers just have a screaming, laughing blast and the parents even more so.
  • Code BROWN MAZE – has a total of 2.1 miles of trails and is quite a bit more difficult to navigate. It has 6 checkpoints to find and you can even play an interactive game called FSI–Farm Scene Investigation. Like CLUE – you have to figure out who “dunnit” to Farmer Brown. Each mazer detective is supplied with a clue card and a map to the checkpoints. At the checkpoints you’ll use clues found there to eliminate suspects.  Was it the llama with the shovel in the shed?   Or maybe it was the desperate house chicks with the pitchfork in the barn? Clues and ‘criminals’ change weekly so you can go back again and again for a new mystery.
  • Code RED MAZE – just when you think you have this maze thing figured out somebody points and says, “Yeah? Try that one!”  With about 2.5 miles of trails to navigate, plan on spending some maddening time in this thing. It also has 6 checkpoints, but they are much harder to find among the loops, twists and turns, with far more frequent and unexpected dead ends. You can’t guess your way out of this one – it takes some thought. A degree from MIT and a GPS wouldn’t hurt either. But not to worry, there are spotters along the way to help the totally exasperated! They swear they haven’t lost one yet.

Average time to complete the entire maze is approximately 1 ½ to 3 hours, depending on your ‘maze-pertise.’ Remember you are not allowed to cut through the corn. Everyone must stay on the trails!

Before you ask, this is not a ‘haunted’ maze per se. No brain-eating zombie or chain saw wielding charlie is waiting to freak you out. However, when the sun goes down the place takes on a different aura, manifestly eerie, and you’re welcome to try to navigate these ghostly trails at night if you dare. I swear the corn stalks get taller! Night-mazing will test your skills to the max.  Bring a flash light – it helps. But if you forget, you can buy a glow-stick there.

As you might suspect the Maze Craze is seasonal. Yep, the corn has to grow first. This year the trails opened on September 14 and will remain open through November 7th.  The Maze is open Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the season but call (330-482-9904) or visit their site www.ColumbianaMazeCraze.com as times vary. Weather is an important factor as well.

Admission to the Maze varies too:

  • Under age 5 – $FREE
  • Children 5 to 11 – $6.00
  • Ages 12 to 64 – $8.00
  • Ages 65 and over – $6.00


Further Information

The Columbiana Maze Craze is located in Columbiana County at the intersection of State Route 7 and 14 less than a half hour from downtown Youngstown. You’ll also find hayrides and barrel train rides on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm for about $3.00 per person. All in all, just an a-MAZE-n place to have some fun.


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