2011: Get Ready for Fall Foliage Season in Ohio

It looks like Mother Nature is going to cooporate for another spectacular fall foliage season.

Fall Foliage DogAccording to Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), so far this year, the weather has been favorable for quality fall color. Despite somewhat irregular rain showers in the summer months, many trees seem to have recovered from the 2010 drought with our very wet spring of 2011.

A few trees still showing signs of stress might experience early color and leaf drop, but the trees that are in good health should be right on schedule for great October color. Peak fall color should be early October for the northern third of Ohio; central Ohio in mid-October; and the southern third of Ohio should peak in late October.

For the most spectacular fall color the weather in September and October should include bright sunny days and cool but not freezing nights.

Drivers around Ohio may notice a few branches scattered around the landscape showing some early color. For the most part this is being caused by webworms or spider mites feeding on the leaf tissue. While the individual branch might look devastated by the webs encasing them, the good news is that at this point in the year the trees has already stored the majority of the nutrients it can from the leaves and rarely does this type of infestation have a long term effect on the tree.

To help Ohioans plan seasonal outings and enjoy the fall color that will radiate through Ohio’s 100 plus tree species, ODNR will post weekly fall color updates at www.ohiodnr.com/fallcolor. Casey Burdick, our fall color forester, will be highlighted weekly with informative video reports on the latest in fall color around Ohio. The reports will begin September 21 and run through the end of October.

The ODNR fall color Web site will serve as the premier guide to Ohio’s fall color season. The site will also provide information for travelers who want to map a scenic road trip, adventurers who are refreshed and energized by the cool autumn weather, vacationers who seek places of solace to enjoy the changing seasons, and even the students who need a resource for leaf collection projects.



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