A Sinister Charade: The Global Warming Hoax

Book Review

A Sinister Charade: The Global Warming Hoax

by Dan Coffman

 A Sinister Charade: The Global Warming Hoax Paperback – June 7, 2015 by Dan Coffman (Author)Jesse Ngata, a prominent oceanographer, believes global warming is a sinister charade intended to destroy the American way of life. His damaging accusations provoke an attempt on his life, forcing Jesse to hunt down the climate change criminals before they kill him. Jesse’s nemesis, Basil Radoff, is a shadowy Russian agent who was given a fortune and an unconventional mission when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. He has spent the past twenty-five years convincing global thought leaders that fossil fuel emissions are destroying the Earth’s environment. Radoff has persuaded the United Nations to ban carbon emissions, while continuing his malevolent campaign to cripple the world’s energy industry. Millions of children are being taught to fear their carbon footprint. Billions of dollars are corrupting scientists and regulators around the world. Factories are shuttered and rusting. Environmental constraints are killing jobs. Radoff’s global warming hoax may be too entrenched to die. America’s future hangs in the balance, and only Jesse Ngata can stop this diabolical attack.

One reviewer wrote:

Daniel Coffman has masterfully crafted a brilliant story. Told through a fictional lens, Mr.Coffman leaves the reader questioning the moral fibers of contemporary politics surrounding global warming. With a well defined hero and villain, the reader is taken on an exciting journey that you can’t step away from. This book should be read by global warming believers and skeptics alike. This is a must read and is sure to leave a mark on global warming rhetoric.

A Sinister Charade: The Global Warming Hoax. Available on Amazon. Click Here.

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