Bob Cene Park, Struthers Ohio

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21 S. Main St.
Struthers, Ohio 44471
Mahoning County
United States

Bob Cene Park

21 S. Main St., Struthers, Ohio 44471

Scoreboard. Bob Cene Park. Struthers, Ohio.Beautiful Bob Cene Park in Struthers, Ohio is three-field baseball complex that serves as the home of the Youngstown Class “B” Baseball League, and is noted as one of the top amateur facilities in the region. Established in 1995, the park has also been the site of collegiate tournaments, regional championships and countless high school contests. The complex features three lit fields for major amateur tournaments.  An indoor hitting and training facility is also on the complex’s grounds.

The Youngstown State baseball team also calls Bob Cene Park home, and plays a number of home game on Cene Field #1, the main jewel of the complex.The Penguins resumed playing games at Cene Park in 2005 after a six-year absence that started in 1998. Prior to the 2005 campaign, the last YSU contest at the facility was a May 3, 1998, doubleheader against Central Connecticut State.

Since YSU resumed playing at Cene in 2005, the main field received a new scoreboard, and the press box was renovated. The park also features an indoor practice facility, wireless Internet access, batting cages, tarp and concession stand.

The park is located just off of Routes 289 and 616 in Struthers just 10 minutes from YSU’s main campus.

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