Packard Music Hall

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1703 Mahoning Ave NW
Warren, Ohio 44483-2008
Trumbull County
United States

W. D. Packard Music Hall
William Doud Packard (1861-1923), meshed hometown pride and a love of military marches with lasting contribution for future generations.

1703 Mahoning Ave. NW, Warren, OH 44483-2008

W.D. Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio W.D. Packard  penned provisions in his 1920 will to make sure music would continue to command attention in Warren, Ohio. Packard Automotive Company and the Packard Motor Car Company fueled his wealth , businesses he and his brother, James Ward Packard, founded in the 1890s. The Packard Electric Company is the predecessor of the current Delphi Packard Electric Systems.

He allocated funds to build a music hall, while the rest was to be used to set up and support a band to perform in it. Warren City became the beneficiary after Kathryn Packard, W.D. Packard’s wife, died in 1940. 

Construction began in November 1953 in the 42-acre Packard Park. The Packard family donated Land for the park in 1911. Warren finally dedicated the hall on October 15, 1955. Thanks to W.D. Packard’s generosity and vision to plan for future generations, Warren is fortunate to own a versatile public assembly facility that houses a professional resident band.

Packard Music Hall, Warren, OhioToday, the Packard Music Hall is the center of cultural and entertainment programs in the Warren area and averages over 100,000 in attendance each year. It is the site of a variety of events each year including Broadway touring productions, concerts, ballets, children’s programs, theatre, corporate meetings, high school graduations, dance recitals, pro-wrestling, gala balls, and many other programs including, of course, the free monthly Packard Band Concerts.

For two decades (1958-1978) it was the home of the Kenley Players and gained national recognition during that time.  It also served as a temporary refuge for hundreds of Warren residents, who were flooded out of their homes in 1959

Packard Music Hall has a seating capacity of nearly 2500 and includes small meeting rooms, a kitchen and dressing rooms.  The Packard Trust did not provide funds for hall maintenance, so hall rental and city subsidies must cover annual operating costs.

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Warren, Ohio is centrally located between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, making W.D. Packard Music Hall an attractive location for enroute productions to perform.  The greater Warren area boasts more than 300,000 people in Packard Music Hall’s primary market. 

It is conveniently positioned near major highways, such as Interstate 76, 80, and 680, Ohio Routes 5, 11, 45, and 82, and U.S. Route 422.

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