St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

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220 N. Walnut St
Youngstown, Ohio 44505
Mahoning County
United States

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

220 N. Walnut St., Youngstown, Ohio Youngstown, OH 44505

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Youngstown, Ohio.

St. Nicholas Greek (Hellenic) Orthodox Church. Youngstown, Ohio.

Famous for the Annual Greek Summerfest which is unveiled every year usually during the first week in July. The church is located across from Choffin Career Center on Walnut Street near downtown Youngstown and very near the YSU Harrison Commons.

The Summerfest provides the Valley with  foods of a type and quality seldom found at summer festivals in Youngstown. The Greek style lamb dinner and the chicken are the most popular items on the menu, and one bite of either (although most will sample both) will tell you why. Some of the more popular dishes include, mousaka (a kind of eggplant dish), pastisto (Greek-style lasagna and spinach pie) and stuffed grape leaves—and few leave without a carry-home of the fest’s famous home-made Greek pastries.

The festival, which has been presented for over 25 years now, is the principal fund-raiser for the church, which was founded back in 1919, although the current church structure was built in 1960.  Summerfest normally attracts about 1,500 hungry souls per day and the money raised goes toward operation of the church. It also helps bring the church family together as nearly all the work is done by parish volunteers who cook the lamb and chicken dinners, and work for months to bring us Summerfest’s delightful pastries, sweets and breads.

More Info: 330-743-5493

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